RASKIN Oxygen Probe Systems : Is a Baroda (India) based firm started in May 1983, by a technocrat with 20 years professional experience in the field of design, manufacture, installation & marketing of Industrial furnaces. He also has had extensive training in the works of BBC Brown Boveri (ABB) in Switzerland, Germany & France and GKN Birwelco, U. K.

The IN-SITU Oxygen Probe Systems (Oxygen Analysers / C Potential Control Systems) are manufacturing in India using the patented sensors of M/s Ceramic Oxide Fabricators (Pty) Ltd., Australia and the Oxygen Probes in association with Macdhui Engg., now taken over by Australian Oxytrol Systems Pty. Ltd., Australia. Using Ceramic Oxide Fabricators zirconia sensors, the oxygen probes are also produced in USA, UK, Europe & Asia.

The eutectically welded oxygen sensor was developed by CSIRO Australia and is manufactured exclusively by Ceramic Oxide Fabricators. Using these patented sensor, M/s. MacDhui Engg. developed and patented the oxygen probes (MacDhui Engg is now taken over by Australian Oxytrol Systems). RASKIN in turn manufactures these probes in India.

The RASKIN IN-SITU Oxygen Probe Systems have been developed basically to monitor partial pressure (volumetric content) of oxygen in a mixture of gases (whether as free oxygen or in equilibrium). Some of the applications are :

  1. Monitoring Oxygen (excess air) to optimise combustion in Boilers, Furnaces, Kilns, etc. to conserve fuel and reduce atmospheric pollution.

  2. Monitoring Oxygen (generally in PPM / PPB) in gas generators e. g. in Nitrogen, Argon, endo /exo gas, etc.

  3. Carbon potential in metallurgical furnaces, e.g. gas carburising, carbonitriding, hardening, sintering etc.

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